Status of Local Cannabis Regulations in Stanislaus County

April 7, 2017

Hon. Ted Brandvold

Mayor of Modesto

City of Modesto

1010 10th Street

Hughson, CA 95354

RE: Status of Local Cannabis Regulations in Stanislaus County

Dear Mayor Brandvold:

We are writing to respectfully inquire about the progress that has been made by cities in Stanislaus County to establish workable cannabis regulations so that local businesses can apply in good standing with the State of California, beginning in January 2018, for state-issued licenses. Under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) businesses applying state-issued cannabis licenses will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are operating in local jurisdictions in compliance with state law.

The Genezen Project has advocated for comprehensive and fair cannabis regulations in Stanislaus County so that local businesses, particularly cultivators and manufacturers of medicinal products, can compete on an even playing field with other California jurisdictions which have moved rapidly to establish cannabis regulations. Enacting local cannabis regulations which allow businesses to demonstrate compliance with state law is an important part of this process.

As a local business, operated by proprietors dedicated to providing safe, pesticide-free cannabis products to address medical needs, Genezen hopes that you view this time as an opportunity to move forward on cannabis regulations that address the medical needs of patients and also support the retention and growth of local cannabis businesses.

The Genezen Project

Letter to Mayor Ted Brandvold

City of Modesto

April 7, 2017

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To assist in this process, we would like to offer our extensive experience and knowledge regarding cannabis businesses. We would like to schedule a time at your convenience to meet with you and your staff so that we can address any questions which you may have. We will be contacting your office shortly to follow up on this request.

As reference, we are closing a copy of an opinion editorial which appeared in the Modesto Bee which sets forth our views on the need for cannabis business regulations in Stanislaus County.

Very truly yours,

Tony Verruso

The Genezen Project

Enclosure: "Cannabis Prohibition Ends – Time for County Leadership," by Tony Verruso, Modesto Bee, November 9, 2016

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